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Bueskytterne (The Archers)

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68 x 166 cm (26,77 x 65,35 in.)


Bueskytterne (the Archers) by Gerhard Munthe. Woven 1905 by Birgitte Bergvin, the Nordenfjeldske Museum of Applied Art School and Studio of Art Weaving in Trondheim. Three were made (1905, 1906, 1909). One (1909) is owned by the Nordenfjeldske Museum of Applied Art in Trondheim (nkim.no). One (1906) was bought by the architect H.M. Baillie-Scott and later lost in a fire. The third is this one. It was bought by the architect and painter Gabriel Kielland, who ran the atelier between 1899 and 1902. The version made in 1909 differs from the two previous versions by having a horizontal warp direction. 34 tapestries were made from Munthe's 13 cartons by the atelier over the period 1898 to 1909 when it closed. 17 of these are today in museums. The tapestry Bueskytterne now resides some 500 meters from where it was made. It is less than a kilometer away from the other surviving version. Literature: J. L. Opstad, "Nordenfjeldske kunstindustrimuseums vævskole og ateiler for kunstvævning 1898-1909" (NKM, Trondheim, 1983); T. L. Nyaas (ed.) "Vikingmytologier II" (Galleberg, 2015).

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ETIENNE555 Thank you for sharing "the Archers" I love it.
19 juil. 2017 23:17