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Grande coupe C50 de Roger Capron, France (vers 1951-55)

circa 1955
Price : 2,200 €


Roger Capron (1922-2006)
Rare coupe de forme libre à couverte noir mat sur réserves à l'oxyde de cuivre vert d'eau
Grand modèle
Faïence stanifère
Modèle C50 (produit entre 1953 et 1965 environ)

Signature au cachet datant du début de la production

Vallauris, France

Vers 1951-55

Variantes de ce rare décor reproduites in Roger Capron céramiste, Pierre Staudenmeyer, Norma, Paris, pp. 27-28 / modèle référencé p. 150.



About Roger Capron

Roger Capron was born in Vincennes, France on September 4, 1922. Interested in drawing, he studied Applied Arts in Paris from 1939 to 1943 and worked as an art teacher in 1945. He died on November 8, 2006 leaving behind a considerable body of work that is recognized worldwide. In 1946, Roger Capron moved to Vallauris, where he founded a ceramics workshop known as 'l`Atelier Callis', contributing to the renaissance of ceramics in Vallauris. In 1952, Roger Capron purchased an abandoned pottery in Vallauris and opened a small ceramics factory, with 15 workers. By 1957 he had established a considerable international reputation. In 1980 his factory employed 120 people and during that same decade he reverted to making one-off pieces which were shown internationally. Following an economic crisis, the factory was closed in 1982.

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