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Small cup

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Pièce unique
16.5 cm (6,5 in.)
Ø 8 cm (3,15 in.)


Cup in silver and plique-a-jour enamel.

Inscriptions / Signatures



A cup representing the flower species forget-me-nots.

This cup was part of Jacob Tostrup's collection at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Most of the works in this collection were bought by museums, but this cup was bought by a French family. The Tostrup collection won a Grand Prix at the exhibition.

A very similar cup (see photo) surfaced some years ago. The two cups are subtly different. (Compare the leaves on the top part.) It seems that both cups were present at the 1900 exhibition.

The design is by Torolf Prytz and the execution by Emil Sæther. It must have been made 1899 at the latest since the cup appears in a photo together with a cup that has later been discovered with Swedish import marks for that year (the middle one in the photo).

Literature: J. L. Opstad, Norsk emalje (Huitfeldt, Oslo, 1994).

Provenance: Galerie Didier Luttenbacher, Paris, Ancienne Collection AB, France.

A propos de Torolf Prytz

Torolf Prytz (1858-1938) architecte, orfèvre, designer et directeur de la maison d'orfèvrerie Jacob Tostrup (Oslo, Norvège) entre 1884 et 1938.

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