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Snowdrop Cup

Plique-à-jour enamel, silver.
Unique piece
21 x 13.5 cm (8,27 x 5,31 in.)


Cup in silver and plique-a-jour enamel.


Inscribed at the bottom: "Fra Constance og William Nygaard til Alette og Otto Anderssen paa deres Sølvbryllupsdag den 9. November 1902", "Fra mor og svigermor l'Orange Alette og Edward Bull 10. oktober 1950" and "830 S J. Tostrup Kristiania"


Designed by Torolf Prytz and executed by Emil Sæther for the firm J. Tostrup in Kristiania. A similar piece won a grand prize at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. It was not known until 2016 that a second piece had been made, the one exhibited here. The piece from the 1900 Paris exhibition is today owned by and exhibited at the National Museum in Oslo.

The jury of the 1900 Paris exhibition had the following comments: M. Tostrup a une exposition remarquable, et l'émail y tient une large place. Nous retrouvons chez lui des coupes, des vases en émail translucide dont notre collègue français, le délicat artiste qu'est M. Thesmar, nous a fait admirer les heureuses combinaisons. Ce n'est pas un mince éloge à faire à M. Tostrup que de dire que ses émaux translucides nous ont rappelé les oeuvres de notre compatriote, mais nous devons ajouter, sans les faire oublier. Une entente très juste des colorations, une grande habileté de main d'oeuvre, des montures fines et élégantes étaient le caractéristique des objest exposés (T.J. Arnand-Valliat and H. Bouilhet in Ministère du Commerce & c., Exposition Universelle Internationale de 1900, Rapports du Jury International, Groupe XV, Industries Diverses Paris, 1902, Classe 94 Orfèvrerie, p. 326).

Emil Sæther who had the technical skills to make these objects, died in 1900. As a result, large and complex plique-a-jour works were not produced by Tostrup after this year.

There are subtle differences between the vase that is shown here and the one owned by the National Museum: The feet differ. The contemporary and hand colored photo on this page from the Tostrup archive at the National Archives in Oslo shows a third foot type. Hence, we must conclude that at least three different versions were made. This has not been known before.

Literature: This version of the Snowdrop cup is documented in E. Rudeng, Konsulens døtre (Aschehoug, Oslo, 2016). The version owned by the National Museum is documented in countless different sources.

About Torolf Prytz

Torolf Prytz (1858-1938) architect, silversmith, Artistic designer and manager of the silversmith house Jacob Tostrup (Oslo, Norway) between ca 1884 to 1938.

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Fred Awesome piece !
Sep 9, 2017, 3:42 PM