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Table B10

circa 1927
67 x 64 x 64 cm (26,38 x 25,2 x 25,2 in.)


Table Model B10 design by Marcel Breuer in 1927.


About Marcel Breuer

Marcel Lajos Breuer ( 22 May 1902 – 1 July 1981), was a Hungarian-born modernist, architect and furniture designer. One of the masters of Modernism, Breuer extended the sculptural vocabulary he had developed in the carpentry shop at the Bauhaus into a personal architecture that made him one of the world's most popular architects at the peak of 20th-Century design. Known to his friends and associates as Lajkó (the diminutive of his middle name and pronounced Lye-ko), Breuer left his hometown at the age of 18 in search of artistic training and was one of the first and youngest students at the Bauhaus – a radical arts and crafts school that Walter Gropius had founded in Weimar just after the first World War. He was recognized by Gropius as a significant talent and was quickly put at the head of the Carpentry Shop. (Gropius was to remain a lifelong mentor for a man who was 19 years his junior.)

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