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Table lamp

Pièce unique
72 cm (28,35 in.)


Table lamp in silver and plique-a-jour enamel.

Inscriptions / Signatures

MH, maker's cipher, 830S


To commemorate the centenary of the Norwegian constitution, a Jubilee Exhibition was organized in Kristiania (Oslo) in 1914. It is the largest event of this type that has ever occured in Norway. The Marius Hammer silver workshop in Bergen participated with, among other items, the lamp exhibited here. Even though it cannot be explicitly documented, it must be attributed to the silver smith Emil Høye. The lamp owes much to the Danish version of jugendstil (called skønvirke); that of Thorvald Bindesbøll. Whereas the older version of jugendstil is refined, this one is bold and loud, reflecting the almost 1980ies-like situation in the country at the time. This table lamp is the last large plique-a-jour work made in Norway. The lamp is documented in e.g.
A. Polak, Gullsmedkunsten før og nå (Dreyer, Oslo, 1970),
A. Polak, Norwegian Silver (Dreyer, Oslo, 1972),
S. Tschudi Madsen et al., Norges kunsthistorie, vol. 5 (Gyldendal, Oslo, 1981),
J. L. Opstad, Norsk emalje (Huitfeldt, Oslo, 1994),
T. Indahl, Med en sølvskje i munnen (Fagbokforlaget, Bergen, 2001).

A young nation celebrating itself through the Jubilee Exhibition in Kristiania in the summer of 1914:

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leon Bravo pour cette belle description! Très intéressant!
18 janv. 2018 20:07
FDB What can I say ? ...... A Masterpiece ! So happy to discover this beautiful lamp and all this informations. Icing on the cake : video !
15 janv. 2018 18:40
AH Thanks, Fred, for the comment and the advice. It worked, as you see!
13 janv. 2018 15:09
Fred This is a truly amazing item and post, AH ! If i remember well you can link the video directly inside your description by using this format : [youtube]bSuxBR6TtwI[/youtube]
13 janv. 2018 15:04