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Tasse aux coulures colorées

circa 1920


Tasse et sa soucoupe en grès flammé à décor de coulures d'émaux irisés et de cristallisations.


On apprécie ce modèle de tasse pour sa forme de style art nouveau et ses coulures qui forment comme un paysage de foret.

About Gilbert Metenier

Louis Méténier (1844-1922) opened a stoneware factory in the 1880's in an old tile factory in Gannat central France. Unfortunately not much is known of his production, as it does not appear to have been marked. Neither is much known of his son Gilbert, born 30 September 1876. We do know that he took over his father's company at the start of the 1920's. Fortunately also the production of Gilbert was greater and is more easily identifiable. During the 1930's the company employed a dozen workers. In June 1940 however, when German troops arrived, the factory was closed, Méténier destroyed the moulds, leaving the region, perhaps for the South of France, but this has never been verified and nothing more is known of his whereabouts. The company produced a range of glazed stoneware, in many different forms and with a range of glazes. Clients were Parisians - he sold via large stores like Printemps, La Samaritaine and Bon Marché - as well as the French Riviera and tthe local market. His work is prized by a large number of collectors. Text (c) Anseta

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