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circa 1890
Crackled coloured crystal with coloured inclusions
Unique piece
18 cm (7,09 in.)
Ø 6 cm (2,36 in.)


E leveille


Ernest-Baptiste Leveille had a glass-making and selling business at 74 Boulevard Haussmann, and later in rue Coquilliere, Paris. He was a member of the Paris "art-glass" fraternity and a pupil (later partner) of Eugene Rousseau, one of the movement's founders and this piece was probably made around 1890 when Leveille took over Rousseau's workshop.

Eugene Rousseau and Ernest Leveille's works are present in several museums such as in France the Musee d'Orsay and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris. In UK the Victoria & Albert Museum , in USA the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Cleveland Museum of Art... In Germany The Neue Sammlung, State Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Munich...

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