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Vase orientaliste

circa 1880
34 x 18 cm (13,39 x 7,09 in.)
Ø 20 cm (7,87 in.)


Vase Orientaliste en forme d’amphore et décors floral



About Edmond Lachenal

Edmond Lachenal (1855–1948) was a French potter. Edmond Lachenal had two sons, Jean-Jacques Lachenal and Raoul Lachenal who succeeded him as potters. Edmond Lachenal was one of the pivotal figures in the development and creation of Art Nouveau in ceramics, and his works are comparable in influence and importance to those of Ernest Chaplet, Adrien-Pierre Dalpayrat, and Albert Dammouse. His work is included in collections of Art Nouveau ceramics in the Louvre, Paris and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He was trained in Theodore Deck's studio, starting when he was 15. At the 1873 World's Fair in Vienna, Lachenal's work as a decorator for Deck received an Honorable Mention. Following this award, he became director of Deck's decoration atelier, a significant promotion for one so young. In 1889, Lachenal received his first gold medal at the World's Fair in Paris for his work with faience wares in the style of Theodore Deck. These works used bright, polychrome glazes, a feature of his work that would remain constant throughout his career.

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