Frequently Asked Questions


How to add an artwork to my collection ?


Once logged in, click on the + Submit Art button on the top menu.

Note : before adding your very first artwork you will have to create a gallery containing all your art through the provided form.

Posting an artwork requires to provide at least :

1. An image by clicking on the "Download" button (you can choose an existing image from your hard drive or take a photo on the fly with your mobile phone or tablet).
2.  A title for your artwork

3. A designer name: just start typing the designer's lastname and you'll get suggestions from our database.

4. A creation date for the given artwork (you can check "circa" if you only know an approximate date)

5. A related theme

You can them submit the form by clicking on the "Add artwork" button or choose to fill additional information through the provided fields.

You can add more information later on (description, media , dimensions, creation's year, private data ...) from the "Edit" button available on the artwork page in the top menu. For instance :


They should be provided in cm without mentionning units. Dot is used as a decimal separator 
Units will be automatically converted to UK units (inches) on the artwork page. The dimensions detail field allows to provide additional information

Technique / Medium

Inscriptions and signatures
Ex: Signed and dated (bottom left)

A short and objective description of the artwork.

This field shall be used to comment the art and provide some personal remarks or additional references when needed.
Please avoid external links unless they do really enhance artwork background and understanding (ie making-of, analysis ...)



You can also provide additional images (once the artwork is posted) by clicking on the additional images button from the artwork page.
Those visuals could for instance be image details (close up on the signature) or any relevant document.


It is really important to try to provide the best possible display for your artworks.

It will help getting more positive social comments and reactions and dramatically improve your chances to sell if you ever want to.

Therefore we encourage you to use the following advice :

  1. Choose the best quality photos : try to center the visual on the art and set the right brightness. 
  2. Fill artwork information accurately (title, description and comment). Do not hesitate to provide additional informations and visuals when relevant !
  3. Set the right theme so as your art matches the right searches result sets.


Examples :


How to edit information of my profile page ?

From your nickname in the top menu, you will access to the "Edit my profile" option allowing you to personalize your profile page.

You will be able to fill additional information, change your profile picture, pick featured artwork or choose which gallery to display.


How to pick artworks feature at the top of my profile page?

You can choose the artworks from your collection featured on your profile page.
From your nickname in the top menu click on "Edit profile" and select the "Custom" option in the profile tab and validate.
From now, you will be able to add (or withdraw) an artwork from featured art by clicking the "Add to featured" button in the "More options" menu at the top of that artwork page.


How to perform an artwork search on the website?

There are two ways to perform a search on the website:

1. From the top navigation bar you can search through the whole website. You will get results about artists, artworks and users.

2. In each website section (the collections, sales, designers pages ...) you can perform a search returning results from the current section from the left-hand side panel


How to receive a daily notification when art from my favourite designers get added to the site?

By adding favourite designers to your profile, you will be able to get a daily notifications when artworks from those designers are added by members to their collection.
You can add your favourite designers from your profile page.
From your profile age, you will be able to browse all artworks from your favorite artists.
Note : this daily notification does not concern artworks on sale (check Premium alerts for that purpose).


What can i do after adding an user as friend?

You can add a friend by clicking on the “+ Add to friends" button on an user’s profile. Once the invitation is accepted, the user will be added to your friendlist.
You can directly check your friends art from your profile page and browse a gallery automatically created with your friends art.
Communicating and sending private messages to friends is also made easier. You can restrain some functionalities to your circle of friends (private messaging, artwork transfer ...).
You will get a customizable notification when new art is added to friends galleries.


How to move an artwork to one of my gallery to another?

If you have created several galleries on your profile it is possible to reorganize their content by moving artworks from one gallery to another:
From the artwork page, click on ‘Edit’ in the menu right above the artwork image.
In the edit form, the ‘gallery’ dropdown menu allows you to select the new target gallery.
Validate the changes by clicking on the ‘Modify artwork’ button at the bottom of the form.


How to find sales matching my wishlist entries?

You can access this functionality from the top menu Sales > Sales related to your wishlist
Note: it requires to have at least one entry in your wishlist.


What's the "Best-Of" gallerie ?

It's a special gallery that you can browse from the top menu "Galleries > Best Of : members choice".
Each member can pick one (and only one) piece of art from its collection and add it to this website Best-of gallery.
To add one of your artwork click on the "Add to bestof gallery" button from the "More options" menu at the top of the artwork page.
You can choose any of your art at any time.